Extreme sports are rapidly becoming very popular. Even before it was announced that surfing and skateboarding would be included in the 2020 Olympics, we have seen a true social shift in this direction.


Needless to say that the attention was proven by the models like the one implemented by the World Surf League for the last decade. Props to WSL for standing for the surf community and live streaming the events so any dude out there can watch live as the heats go down. They learned how to navigate the process, nurture the community, and of course, profit from this multi-million dollar industry. Great, win-win so far.


Along with skateboarding, karate, and other modalities, surfing has been also included in the 2020 Olympic games in an initiative to provide the sport with more exposure and awareness. The Olympic Committee also wanted to ensure that the Olympic Games remain relevant.


What beach surfing competition happening in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan?

The 2020 Olympics surfing competition will involve competitors riding an actual wave at Shidshita beach which is about 40 miles away from Tokyo. The best surfers in the world will be scored by a team of judges who will rate them base on several factors like maneuverability, speed, flow, power, etc. 


As in any other business, the Olympics look at data to make their decisions. Any questions in regards to numbers in action sports events like the Triple Crown in Hawaii? I have a funny feeling that the worldwide visibility of skateboarding and surfing will make a statement about where consumer attention is. 


How much does a skateboarder make?

The challenge is to understand all the factors at play. We should see a couple of nuances roll out from now on. First, who is pumping the gas? Remember, not so long, skateboarders used to get just a couple of wheels to ride, and a couple of snickers for a shout out for.


Now, if you are a professional skateboarder competing for the 2020 Tokyo revolution, you are in a very good spot. You might end up shaking hands with the Arabs Emirates Airlines, Mastercard, Tesla, Amazon, and many other "Coca-Cola" likes. And it doesn't stop there.


If you are not yet fully convinced that things are about to change, let me remind you that we are going through a very fast online integration phase in the history of mankind. Recently we were discussing how to improve integration of brand influencer marketing to our sales process and one thing stood out: Fan Conversion in action sports.


Unlike in every other type, modalities as surfing and skateboarding bring an intrinsic relationship between fan and idol that revolves around lifestyle. The killer combination is lifestyle plus attitude. And that's where things get a bit sweeter.


Action sports continue to draw attention each year, as we could see the examples Street League and XGames brand growth. The main takeaway from these events is the audience reach. As soon as the events socially validated the milestones, it gave the Olympic Committee and involved Organizations the breath to negotiate.


Is Vert Skateboard on the Olympics for 2020?

For example, vertical skateboarding was not included in the 2020 Olympics allegedly because they didn't notice many female athletes' progress. Although the male vert community is very active nowadays and would make a good impression with those 720 air spins we are becoming addicted to.


Likewise in any other sport, participating in action sports comes with several benefits, one of which is that it helps improve the physical and mental health of those who take part in it. Although surfers have always been a somewhat "athletic" lifestyle, in general, not necessarily the case in the skateboard pro elite. 


How to perform better in sports? 

Today I see street skateboarders hitting the gym much more often. I believe that we are at the infancy of possibilities for action sports and we need to wrap our heads around the opportunity to grow as a community. In a direct-to-consumer economy, where the only thing left is brand, please watch very closely how this puzzle happens, live on the "facebooks" and "youtubes" of the world.


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By Giovanni Castilhos at ZEVN